Danielle Piscatelli Receives Steve Austin Training Scholarship

Danielle Piscatelli Receives Steve Austin Training Scholarship

Posted on 5/2/2017

Each year, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) awards emerging leaders in outdoor stewardship with the Steve Austin Training Scholarship. The scholarship offers recipients the opportunity to improve both their leadership and stewardship skills with $160 in waived fees towards our Outdoor Stewardship Institute (OSI) training programs.

This year, we are proud to announce that the scholarship will be awarded to Danielle Piscatelli, who has been involved in volunteer trail work for nearly 20 years! Working part-time as a backpacking guide, Danielle has volunteered with numerous federal and state organizations to build trails across the country. She even spent three weeks in Siberia building trails around Lake Baikal!

Now living in Colorado, Danielle is looking forward to using the scholarship to learn specific technical skills and engage youth in stewardship. All of us at VOC are excited to have a dedicated steward like Danielle join our volunteer leaders in outdoor projects throughout the state!

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