Welcome to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado! Browse our exciting 2016 projects, and click on the ones that interest you for details and to register. Then show up ready to lend a hand - no experience or skills required. 

Note: Online registration is staggered this year in order to better meet the needs of everyone wanting to volunteer. Registration is now available for all projects through August, and will open August 1 for September and October projects. Be the first to know when registration goes live by signing up for our e-newsletter.

VIP Registration for VOC Leaders: Our volunteer leaders may register for all projects at any time! For leaders interested in registering early for a project, simply e-mail Alice at alice@voc.org or call 303-715-1010, ext. 116 so we can sign you up on a priority basis.

Learn about regions.
Enjoy pristine wilderness and wildlife viewing as you restore a trail close to Denver.
On this 5-day volunteer "vacation", work and camp in the heart of the wilderness amidst striking scenery.
6/27/16 to 7/1/16
Get lost in the beauty of the Mt. Evans Wilderness as you help restore the Lost Creek Trail.
Experience stunning scenery as you work to improve a section of the iconic Continental Divide Trail.
7/9/16 to 7/10/16
Get lost, at no cost, in the beauty of the Lost Creek Wilderness Area as you help repair a trail.
Take part in a unique and exciting outdoor stewardship program, designed for families with kids ages 6-10.
Help construct a Breckenridge trail in the historic Galena Ditch, while kids partake in fun environmental activities!
7/23/16 to 7/24/16
On this 5-day backcountry adventure, help restore a trail at one of the country's most fascinating natural wonders.
7/25/16 to 7/29/16
Enjoy second-to-none scenery as you restore a section of the legendary Continental Divide Trail.
7/30/16 to 7/31/16
Looking to get lost from the crowds? Restore a trail in the Lost Creek Wilderness as you take in spectacular views.