Download Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado's (VOC) marketing publications, including year-end reports and project season mailers.

VOC Project Season Mailer

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VOC Year-End Reports

2017 Year-end Report and Recognition of Contributors (.pdf, 4.02 MB; 533 KB)

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Download Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition publications and reports.

The Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition, a collaboration staffed and organized by VOC, has conducted several studies on the impact of volunteer stewardship in Colorado. Download copies of the reports below:

April 2015, Colorado’s Public Lands: Keeping Colorado’s Outdoors Special Report on Colorado’s Volunteer Stewardship in 2014

This report is important to the stewardship movement in Colorado. It makes a strong case for citizen stewardship, including reasons why the need for volunteerism on public lands has never been more important. Information provided through the report’s survey shows that public land stewardship is on the rise – with 1.38 million hours donated in 2014 valued at almost $35 million!  Finally, this report covers other recent activities by the COSC and the stewardship movement (such as OMNI’s Gap & Capacity study released in 2014) and describes a number of potential initiatives that could be collectively pursued to advance the stewardship movement throughout Colorado.

Volunteers work on Colorado’s public lands to restore habitats, build and maintain trails, preserve historic structures, provide services to visitors, and much more. Due to the many challenges facing our public lands and natural resources, community engagement is needed now more than ever. Making an investment in volunteerism can pay off tremendously for Colorado’s outdoors, and already has. The primary purpose of this report is to document and share the impact of volunteers working on Colorado’s public lands in 2014. It has been prepared by a coalition of federal, state, and local public land agencies and nonprofit stewardship organizations. Download the Executive Summary (.pdf). Download the Full Report (.pdf).

April 2014, Caring for Colorado Public Lands: A Statewide Assessment to Inform Partnerships between Public Land Management Agencies and Volunteer Stewardship Organizations

The Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition, with support from the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Conservation Excellence grant program and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, commissioned OMNI Institute, an independent social science nonprofit, to assess how volunteer stewardship organizations can advance their partnerships with public land management agencies for the protection and care of public lands. The study identifies conditions facing both Colorado public land managers and volunteer stewardship organizations in their collective efforts to maintain the state's outdoor resources and residents' quality of life. Download the Executive Summary (.pdf)Download the Full Report (.pdf).

April 2013, Colorado’s Public Lands: Keeping Colorado’s Outdoors Special; Report on the Impact of Volunteer Stewardship in 2012

In April 2013, the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition released the 2nd annual statewide volunteer stewardship impact report. Download the report (.pdf).

April 2012, Colorado’s Public Lands: Stewardship in Challenging Economic Times, Report on the Impact of Volunteer Stewardship in 2011

In early 2011, the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition released the 2nd annual statewide volunteer stewardship impact report.  Highlights include current challenges facing the state, and a detailed summary of volunteer contributions in 2011. Download the report (.pdf)

April 2011, Colorado’s Public Lands: Engaging Our Communities in Their Care and Protection, Report on the Impact of Volunteer Stewardship in 2010

In early 2011, the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition worked to establish the first aggregated baseline of annual volunteer information and data from federal, state and local public land agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs) and recreational user group working for the protection of Colorado’s public lands. Download the report (.pdf).

November 2010, Highlights from the 2010 Colorado Stewardship Forum

On November 8-9, 2010, over 150 individuals from across Colorado gathered at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden. Thought leaders and decision makers participated in roundtable sessions designed to provoke ideas for smaller break-out groups, or action planning sessions related to each roundtable topic. Roundtable speakers were from natural resources management fields and other disciplines and were all experienced with successful collaborative and sustainable community-based initiatives that have resulted in significant social, economic or resource-based change. Notes from that forum can be found here: Follow the coalition and find other stewardship resources on the Stewardship Blog Forum.