Wilder: A Spokescreature for Stewardship

A crumpled soda can. Doggie bags lining the side of the trail.
Is this the Colorado we want to leave behind?


Wilder doesn't think so. Part-yeti, part-mountain goat, this gentle giant calls the outdoors home, and he wants humans to enjoy it with him. But lately, he's noticed some not-so-nice behavior out on the trails. So he's teamed up with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) to encourage us all to think twice about how we behave when playing outside.

Part of Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO)'s Generation Wild, Wilder traveled the state this summer to remind children and families of the magic and wonder in nature. Now, he's helping us learn how to not just enjoy Colorado's wonderful outdoor places, but how to take care of them, too.

After all, we are what we leave behind.

So how can you leave behind something better?