Stepping Up Stewardship Toolkit

Stepping Up Stewardship: A Toolkit for Outdoor Volunteerism

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is excited to introduce the Stepping Up Stewardship Toolkit, a comprehensive set of resources designed to help stewardship and community organizations, land managers, government agencies and outdoor recreation user groups to start, enhance or expand their volunteer stewardship efforts. It features free guides, best practices, and ready-to-use templates and checklists covering key areas of stewardship practice, including:

  • Outdoor Stewardship Project Selection, Planning and Management
  • Volunteer Practices Associated with Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition
  • Leadership Training and Skills Development Practices
  • Risk Management and Safety Practices
  • Marketing and Communication Strategies

The modular, web-based platform allows users to customize the Toolkit to address the unique and evolving needs of their natural spaces, organizational capacity and volunteer base. The Toolkit materials may also be supplemented with technical skills training through the Outdoor Stewardship Institute (OSI) along with customized VOC training and consulting assistance.

The Toolkit is based on VOC’s 34 years of experience of creating innovative volunteer engagement programs and leadership development tactics that deliver effective on-the-ground stewardship projects while building a more caring and engaged public. Developed in response to the ever-growing challenges associated with caring for our outdoor places, and the challenges stewardship organizations and public land managers have told us they face in their volunteer stewardship efforts, VOC’s Toolkit is intended to be a useful resource to encourage and assist others in building and maintaining stewardship volunteer capacity.

In sharing VOC’s proven practices, we hope the stewardship ethic extends broadly throughout Colorado and the nation. With more of us actively caring for the outdoors, we will ensure the next generation will find these outdoor places at least as good – if not better – than what we inherited.

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