Project Selection Criteria

Please review the following criteria before beginning your application to determine if your project may be a good volunteer opportunity with VOC.

In addition to the criteria below, please review the services VOC provides to partners, our current project schedule, and an overview of the application process

Use the following criteria to determine if your project may be a good volunteer opportunity with VOC. Not all criteria listed are required for VOC to commit to a project: 

  • There is a critical need for the project such as high use, environmental degradation (including damage from fires), threats to resources, or community considerations.
  • It has been identified as a high priority for your agency/organization.
  • Volunteers are an appropriate way to accomplish the work.
  • The work can be accomplished in the agreed-to timeframe and during our 2020 field season (April through October).
  • The project will provide a rewarding, fun, and safe volunteer experience.
  • There are opportunities for community involvement.
  • There are additional educational and/or recreational opportunities associated with the project.
  • All required environmental studies such as NEPA will be completed before project planning begins. 
  • Your organization can assist in securing sponsor funding, grants and/or other project resources such as in-kind support for volunteer meals.

  Ensure that you can meet the minimum project commitments listed below:

  • Act as the liaison between your agency/organization and VOC.
  • Ensure that an agency/organization representative is either on-site or available during project day(s).
  • Conduct an initial project review in 2019 through our scouting process and 1-2 site visits with the VOC project team in 2020.
  • Provide any required project materials, including any materials needed to accomplish project work (e.g. lumber, plants, seed). VOC asks that these are provided by our project partners and exceptions can rarely be made.
  • Work with VOC to provide appropriate emergency planning and response. Specific requirements may vary by project location. Contact Kelly Clouse at 303-715-1010 ext. 118 for more details.
  • Provide camping areas for overnight projects.
  • Arrange for water and sanitation services including trash removal and recycling. VOC asks that all toilet facilities are provided by our project partners. Unless in the case of a backcountry project, exceptions are rarely made.
  • Agree to assist VOC in planning a low-impact and/or zero-waste project.
  • Assist with local community outreach and volunteer recruitment, if needed.
  • Help VOC show appreciation for project volunteers.

Click here to learn more about the project application and selection process; please contact us at 303-715-1010 for any questions or assistance with your application.