Get Involved with the Initiative

The Statewide Stewardship Initiative needs you.

Join the Coalition to ensure your priorities and perspective are adequately represented in defining this program and its standards for funding future stewardship projects. Maximum participation at this early stage will spur greater investment in the Statewide Stewardship Initiative, and organizations like yours, moving forward. 

Help shape the future of outdoor stewardship in Colorado.

In these can’t-miss summits we will shape stewardship efforts for years to come. We'll be discussing how local organizations and land managers can leverage the new Statewide Stewardship Initiative to promote effective volunteer engagement in the important work of protecting Colorado’s lands – $1.2m dollars in new grant funding.

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Benefits of Collaborating with the Statewide Stewardship Initiative

  • Land Managers gain...

    • More work getting done. By creating a larger, better-trained, readily accessible pool of outdoor volunteers, the Statewide Stewardship Initiative will help address resource constraints to meet the growing unmet land stewardship needs on Colorado’s public lands.

    • Better planning. Uniform metrics will help land managers better assess the impact of  volunteer stewardship projects and inform project planning.

    • Partners you can trust. Organizations operating under consistent standards and best practices will be the best stewardship partners for public land managers.

  • Outdoor Stewardship Organizations gain…

    • Vital Funding. New funds for well-qualified future stewardship projects.

    • Capacity-building resources. The Statewide Stewardship Initiative’s certification of best practices for land stewardship project planning will reduce the time and resources needed to carry out volunteer-driven stewardship projects.

    • Visibility, influence, and prestige. You will help chart the future of Colorado’s land stewardship activities.

  • Land stewardship funders gain…

    • Impact at scale. Establishing research-based guidelines for volunteer projects will increase the number and quality of land stewardship projects across the state. ​

    • Return on Investment. Uniform success measures will enable funders to better evaluate the impact of individual projects and land stewardship organizations to more effectively determine their overall impact with respect to the state’s conservation goals.