Corporate Volunteering Opportunities

Corporate Volunteering Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in participating in Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado's (VOC) SWAT (Stewardship with a Team) Program! Volunteering with your colleagues is a great way to improve Colorado's outdoor places while at the same time engaging in a fun challenge with your team. 

Make this your company's year to volunteer, and join other great employers like Prologis, Adobe, Empowerment Retirement, Woods Boss, Schneider Electric and Xcel Energy, who share our outdoor stewardship mission! Please answer the questions below to submit your company's SWAT request.

Before submitting this form, please note:

There is a minimum donation of $2,500 for corporate groups to help VOC cover the costs to organize a custom volunteer project just for your employees. If you are unable to make this financial contribution, there are other ways for your team to volunteer with VOC. We may be able to pair you with other companies or you may consider an already-scheduled project. Either way, contact us and we will work with you to help meet your employee engagement goals.

Your corporate group must have 20 or more members and be willing to volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours in order for VOC to plan a custom project for you. If you have fewer than 20 people, please register as a group for a public VOC project. 

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE A SCHOOL OR YOUTH GROUP. We are currently at capacity for Youth SWATs this season.

Please answer the following questions so we can best determine if and how we can match an appropriate, safe and rewarding volunteer project to your group’s needs. Click here to download the application as a Word Document; please note it must still be submitted online.

Questions? Please contact Anna Zawisza by email or at 303-715-1010, ext. 125.

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Group Size
If you indicated that families will be included, please note that although VOC has provided projects for kids as young as 6 years, most VOC stewardship project opportunities are for ages 12 years and older.
Project Day Logistics
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Project Work
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A customized project involves additional work that is not funded through our annual fundraising efforts. Therefore, we ask all businesses to provide a financial contribution to help offset the costs of a Corporate SWAT.