Corner Post, VOC Share Vision of Healthy Outdoors

Corner Post, VOC Share Vision of Healthy Outdoors

Posted on 6/12/2019


Grasslands and forests and mountains, oh my! Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) works in all kinds of environments, and each has its own conservation needs. That’s why we work with land managers of all sorts to help us understand exactly what each unique area needs. After 35 years of working in every corner of Colorado, we’ve learned that good stewardship requires lasting partnerships with organizations that share our vision of healthy outdoor places.

When Corner Post Meats donated 76 lbs. of meat to VOC projects in 2019, we were thrilled! Our projects rely on food donations to keep our volunteers and volunteer leaders fueled. Even better, Corner Post Meats (CPM) shares VOC’s commitment to sustainable land management and community-building. Located just north of Colorado Springs in Black Forest, Colorado, CPM produces grass-fed and pasture-raised meats through practices that keep the animals, their human consumers, and the land happy.

CPM moves the animals across the land as they graze, a method called “nomadic grazing.” By moving around, the animals exercise every day and consume a variety of native plants. Nomadic grazing also stimulates new grassland growth, spreads natural fertilizer, and maintains nature’s cycle. Thanks to methods like these, CPM doesn’t need to supplement with antibiotics, hormones, or fertilizers.

CPM’s commitment to maintaining the natural ecology of the 1500-acre ranch they lease from the National Audubon Society also preserves an important wildlife habitat. CPM is certified by Audubon’s conservation ranching program as “bird friendly land.” The result is healthy animals, nutritious meat, a naturally rejuvenated landscape, and healthy consumers. Like VOC, CPM is committed to using Colorado’s land sustainably so that it can continue to benefit wildlife and humans alike for years to come.

June is a big month for VOC’s partnership with CPM! In addition to CPM’s meat donation for the 2019 volunteer season, they will donate $5 from every Corner Post Meats Gives  curated meat box purchased in June to VOC. CPM will also host a Boots and Brews Happy Hour at Black Forest Brewing Company on June 13 from 4-6pm, where a portion of beer sales will benefit VOC.

Once you’ve settled in with a burger and a brew, sign up to help care for an environment of your choice on a VOC project, including one near CPM: a trail construction project at Stratton Open Space in Colorado Springs on June 15th! Don’t worry if you’d rather explore a forest or high-altitude mountain environment – we have those, too.

Every season, VOC partners with dozens of organizations that contribute food and fun giveaways, host events, participate in projects, and/or donate money. If your organization is interested in partnering with VOC, contact for more information.