Stewardship Project Selection Criteria

1.  Use the following criteria to determine if your project idea is a good fit with VOC: 

  • The project will provide a rewarding and safe volunteer experience.
  • There is a critical need for the project such as high use, environmental degradation (including damage from fires or flood), threats to resources or community need.
  • It has been identified as a high priority for your agency/organization.
  • Volunteers are an appropriate way to accomplish the work.
  • The work can be accomplished in the designated time frame.
  • There are opportunities for community involvement.
  • There are educational and/or recreational opportunities.
  • All required environmental studies such as NEPA will be completed before project planning begins. 
  • There may be a possibility for a multi-year project/partnership that may extend into 2018 and beyond. NOTE: VOC is particularly interested in such projects and would like to talk with land managers who may have such a need. 

  2.  Ensure that you can meet the minimum project commitments listed below:

  • Act as the liaison between your agency/organization and VOC.
  • Assist in securing sponsor funding, grants and/or other project resources such as in-kind support for volunteer meals.
  • Conduct one or two site visits with the VOC project team.
  • Provide project components and materials for which you are responsible.
  • Provide an EMT(s), or a person with similar first-responder certification, and medical services for project day(s).
  • Provide camping areas for overnight projects.
  • Arrange for water and sanitation services including trash removal and recycling.
  • Agree to assist VOC in planning a low-impact and/or zero waste project.
  • Help VOC to show appreciation for volunteers.
  • Ensure that an agency/organization representative is either on-site or available during project day(s).

 3.  Select the type of project (in application form) that best suits your agency or organization. You may select more than one category.

  4.  Identify at least two possible dates for your project. VOC cannot guarantee that the dates you identify will be selected, but we will make every effort to schedule your project on the dates identified. (In addition to weekend dates, VOC can arrange some public projects on weekdays, especially along the Front Range and in the foothills.) Let us know the earliest and latest dates the project could be completed given local weather conditions, etc. Also let us know if there are specific dates that are NOT possible due to conflicting/competing events in the nearby community. IMPORTANT: Please indicate if the project work might be scheduled over multiple years.

  5.  Complete the application fully and submit your application to VOC by the noted deadlines.

  6.  All applicants are encouraged to become familiar with VOC projects before applying. View the current project schedule. VOC staff is happy to assist you with your application.