Application Review & Project Selection Process

The VOC project selection process strives to select a diverse slate of projects that fit agency and partner organization priorities, volunteer expectations, and community needs. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Projects will be reviewed and selected as they come in. Although you may submit applications at any time of the year, for marketing and volunteer recruitment purposes we are asking that applications for 2018 projects be submitted to VOC by September 30, 2017 for best consideration. We recommend you review our project selection criteria before beginning your application.

After your project application is reviewed, you will be contacted by a VOC staff member or volunteer project scout to schedule a site visit and discuss your proposal in greater detail. Once your project is accepted, you will be contacted by a staff member or team leader and a tentative date will be set for your project. VOC will make every effort possible to make all decisions in a timely manner once your application is received.

If your project is selected, your agency/organization will be asked to appoint a representative to serve on the VOC project team assigned to your project. Together the team will help plan, organize, and implement the project. Project planning may include planning meetings, participating in conference calls, and assisting with site visits.